• Servicii complete de mutari

    Full services of moving If you are looking for a moving company in Cluj Napoca, you are in the right place. View all

  • Mutare firma

    Company moves We know that any relocation is a difficult and stressful process that can disrupt normal activity of a company see more

  • Mutari locuinte

    Domestic relocationWhether you move from one street to another or in another city, see more

  • Transport Mobila si Marfuri Cluj

    Two Men plus Van We provide solutions for domestic and road transport in the EU in exclusive. see more

  • Depozitare

    Storage of goodsSmartmoving offers you a sure, clean and organized space of storage.See more

  • Mutari internationale

  • Locatii

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Company Moves

Smart Relocations is a professional, full-service moving Cluj - offers company moves, corporate and commercial relocations.

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Housing Moves

Transform the housing moves in an efficient and pleasant, hassle free. We take care that your goods arrive safely.

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Two Men plus Van

Vans of various sizes for any kind of goods, from moving a refrigerator or to moving an entire company.

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Storage of goods

Storage safe, clean and organized for your furniture and goods, warehousing services at negotiable prices.

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If you are looking for a Moving Company in Cluj Napoca, you are in the right place. We offer full services of moving, transport and storage.

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